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30 August 2008

30 August 2008 - Lulworth

Another leg of our Dorset coast path walk. This leg is between West Lulworth and Arish Mell which is where our previous walk finished.

Lulworth Cove Dorset

Climbing up out of west Lulworth on the coast path.

clustered bellflower dorset

I think this is a clustered bellflower.

Speckled Wood Butterfly Lulworth Dorset

Speckled Wood butterfly.

Lulworth Cove Dorset

Near Peplers point on the east side of the cove.

Lulworth Cove Dorset

For a change a level part of the walk going east towards Mupe Rocks.

Fossil Forset Lulworth Dorset

These features are moulds of gymnosperms which were early coniferous trees. On the way back we took a closer look at the Fossil Forest.

Lulworth range Dorset

A military defensive position.

Mupe rocks Dorset Coast

Mupe rocks.

Mupe Bay Dorset Coast

Mupe Bay. The large cliff ahead is our next challenge. Arish Mell is the gap in the cliff in the middle distance.

Mupe rocks Dorset

Looking back at Mupe rocks from near the top of Bindon Hill.

Lulworth Ranges Dorset

The coast path marker post at the top of the hill. Looking back along the coast to Lulworth.

Bindon Cliffs Dorset

This shot shows how precariously close to the edge of the cliff the path runs.

Common Grayling butterfly Dorset

Common Grayling butterfly.

Bindon ranges Dorset

Looking down the other way across the army ranges. Old military vehicles lined up below.

Arish Mell Dorset Coast

The beach at Arish Mell with Worbarrow Tout in the distance.

Worbarrow Bay Dorset

Climbing back up now on our return to Lulworth.

Army Ranges Lulworth Dorset

A closer look at the military vehicles.


A dried out thistle head.

Harebell Dorset

There were still a few Harebells around.

Black Rock Worbarrow Bay Dorset

This shot shows that there has been a cliff collapse here. The beach is completely blocked.

Fungi Dorset Coast

There were quite a few of these large fungi in the fields. The largest were about 8” in diameter. They are Parasol Mushrooms.

Common Fleabane Dorset

Common Fleabane.

Fossil Forset Lulworth Dorset

Close to the eastern side of Lulworth cove is the fossil forest. There are steps leading down the cliff allowing you to take a closer look.

Fossil Forset Lulworth Dorset

There are some interesting layers in the rocks. The much softer layer has been eroded in an amazing way.

Fossil Forset Lulworth Dorset

A closer look at some of the gymnosperms.

Fossil Forset Lulworth Dorset
rock samphire

This plant is rock samphire. It is edible.

Fossil Forset Lulworth Dorset

This shot shows what are called the Broken Beds. An interesting jumble of rocks in random alignments. For an explanation follow this link.

Lulworth Cove Dorset

Descending back into Lulworth with sun low in the sky over the car park.

Lulworth Cove Dorset

Evening light on the cove.

Lulworth Cove Dorset
Lulworth Cove Dorset

The tree in this garden is full of old buckets. We wonder if they are the buckets that get left on the beach.