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Durdle Door

20 September 2008 - Durdle Door

Another leg of our Dorset Coast path walk. This leg was from Durdle Door to Burning cliff in Ringstead Bay.

Dorsetcamara St Oswalds Bay Dorset

We parked in the car park at Durdle Door. St Oswalds Bay.

Durdle Door Dorset dorsetcamera

The famous Durdle Door.

Swyre Head Dorset Dorsetcamera

Heading west towards Swyre Head.

Durdle Door Dorset Dorsetcamera

The view looking east from Swyre Head.

Bat's Head Dorset Dorsetcamera

Descending from Swyre Head towards Bat’s Head. You can just see Bat’s hole, a natural arch.

Swyre Head Dorset Dorsetcamera

The bottom of the dip between Swyre Head and Bat’s Head looking east.

Durdle Door Bat's Head Dorset Dorsetcamera

The top of Bat’s head looking east.

Whitenothe Dorset Dorsetcamera

The drop down to Middle Bottom before the long climb up towards Whitenothe.

Vipers Bugloss Dorsetcamera Dorset

A late flowering Vipers Bugloss.

Sea Lavender Dorsetcamera

Sea lavender.

Carline Thistle Dorsetcamera

Carline Thistle.

Adonis Blue Butterfly Dorsetcamera

Adonis Blue Butterfly.

Middle Bottom Bat's Head Dorset Dorsetcamera

The view back along our route. This shows the way the various paths have gouged their slots into the chalk cliffs.

Yellow Toadflax Dorsetcamera

Yellow Toadflax

Portland Whitenothe Dorsetcamera

From Whitnothe the view across to Portland.

Whitenothe Dorsetcamera

Whitenothe cottages.

Ringstead Bay Dorsetcamera Dorset

Ringstead Bay from Whitenothe.

Whitenothe Dorset Dorsetcamera

On the way down from Whitenothe towards Ringstead.

Ringstead Bay Dorsetcamera

Approaching the descent into Ringstead Bay.

St Catherine's Chapel Ringstead Bay Dorsetcamera

We came across this rather small and quaint chapel on the hillside above Burning Cliff. St Catherines Chapel. This marked the extreme point of our walk today.

St Catherine's Chapel Ringstead Bay Dorsetcamera

The church was decorated for the Harvest Festival.

St Catherine's Chapel Ringstead Bay Dorsetcamera

This shows how small the chapel is. There was a wonderful view from the churchyard.

Buzzard Dorsetcamera

A passing Buzzard.

The Warren Durdle Door Dorsetcamera

The inland walk back to our car at Durdle Door. From here you can see an old field system known as the Warren.